Details Should Be Sexy. Period.

Details Should Be Sexy. Period.

Plotkin Fireplace DetailA detail showing the beautifully executed Hand-milled Rosewood, as beautiful underneath as it is on the surface top.

Plotkin Fireplace Detail #2

Exotic Rosewood, milled by hand.  A beautiful mitered corner with the wood grain matched up perfectly. Gorgeous.

DSC09238Yes! A beautiful, tight mitered corner. Hand-milled Rosewood. Two inches in height.


A two inch thick mitered, handmilled Rosewood mantle stacks onto a row of porcelain crown molding which tops a running bond of 2 x 3 crackled, beveled tiles. Beautifully executed.

marbs Strands of honed Carrara marble weave themselves into this luxe herringbone style.

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