Highland Hills Home

This house was built in the ‘50’s and is located in Central Austin. The previous owner was crazy about color and painted every room a different and very vibrant color. This past owner also covered up a fireplace and several built-in bookcases. The new owner wanted to uncover and modernize these hidden treasures behind the wall. She also wanted to paint the walls a neutral color and have color and pattern introduced with exotic and beautiful wallpapers with designs that brought back memories of numerous trips to Asia. In the dining room, a tall wainscot was installed, complete with a secret door. Above the wainscot, a lovely wallpaper of twining gold leaves and branches against a red background was installed. The guest bath wallpaper showcases shimmering, silvery fish swimming against a blue background. The newly uncovered fireplace is wrapped with white beveled subway tiles and adorned with a custom mantle carved from unmilled planks of rosewood. These exotic touches are applied in just the right amounts, making this home both stunning and utterly unique.

Created by Stephanie Wilson | 20 02 2018 | residential