Modern Industrial

This is the large corner office of an advertising executive. He has a vast collection of reference materials and books which he accesses daily. He loves the industrial look and requested a bookshelf and storage units created from industrial type materials. A design was created utilizing galvanized steel pipes and plumbing fittings for the shelf unit and maple wood, painted with a glossy clear finish, for the actual shelves. The storage unites were fabricated by a welder with shelves and a coat rack inside the upper cabinets and file drawers below with decorative steel mesh inserts. The wall was blocked to carry the weight of the steel components and then painted a dark warm gray. The steel pipes carry electricity to four Edison bulbs. The end result is beautiful and sculptural. The pieces have both cool and warm points and they fit the client’s needs perfectly.

Created by Stephanie Wilson | 20 02 2018 | residential